Noosa Everglades, Queensland best-kept secret

The Noosa Everglades, an untouched unique environment, must be seen to believe. This spectacular phenomenon only exists in two parts of the world, in California and here, in Australia.

An everglade is a tract of low, swampy land characterized by tall grass and branching waterways. Due to these special characteristics, the Noosa Everglades is home to distinctive wildlife and is called “The River of Mirrors” as the reflection of the sky and vegetation on the water creates a surreal scenery where you will feel in a dream, cruising on clouds.

Hidden in the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park, the Noosa Everglades pristine system contain magnificent lakes and the wildest side of the Upper Noosa River.

The Noosa River starts deep in the Cooloola National Park, where the Everglades are located, and continues through 60km down to Laguna Bay. Six gorgeous lakes are part of this ecosystem with such an exceptional and diverse environment.

Noosa River

Flora & Fauna

More than 40% of birds species in Australia can be founded here! Australia’s largest stalk, the Jaribu, can be spotted fishing during the summer months.


Iconic creatures of Australia find the natural conditions of the Noosa Everglades perfect to live, fish and migrate every year. Bird species such as the Azure Kingfisher, Rainbow Lorikeet, Beach Curlews, Sea Gulls, Drongos, and Brolgas, among others, will keep you company while you explore their habitat of scented tea trees, floating lily pads and other 1365 plant species.

If you wish to learn about all the vast wildlife that can be founded in the Noosa River section, click here.

Best ways to explore

Either if you choose to discover the natural wonder of Noosa Everglades by kayak or by boat, you will always feel on another planet, being hard to tell where the water ends and the sky begins. The serenity of the river and the song of the birds will be the only things distracting you from your re-connection with nature.

Kayak Tours

Feeling adventurous? Probably one of the most epic ways to explore this magical place is on a kayak. Call your buddy and immerse in a real adventurous expedition paddling effortlessly through the pristine waterways.

Kanu Kapers offers guided or self-guided kayak adventures for one day tours or 2 days, with overnight camping at the Sandy National Park. If you choose self-guided tours, their local and expert team will show and teach you everything you need to know before leaving.

Day tours usually start early in the morning, the best time to enjoy the calmness and nature sounds of the Noosa Everglades, and finishes after lunch, at 3 pm. Tours depart from St Boreen Point.

Boat Tours

If you are more like a laid back explorer, that’s good too! No dramas, boat tours are also an option for relaxed cruising along the Noosa Everglades.

Perfect for families or small groups, Serenity Cruise experiences are highly recommended as they count on professional guides and skippers that have been sailing through Australia’s Everglades for 20+ years and know all the secrets and hidden gems of this unbelievable creation of nature.