The best places to visit in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

The Sunshine Coast in Queensland is a vast territory, abundant in wildlife, national parks, beaches, waterfalls, caves and natural creations that have not been entirely discovered by tourism yet. And that´s why exploring the Sunshine Coast hinterland is so amazing! Grab a picnic basket and a good water bottle and jump into your car for some real adventure and outdoor fun.

The Sunshine Coast starts on the north of Brisbane and continues until Cooloola National Park, and includes the areas of Cooroy, Eumundi, Yandina, Mapleton, Kenilworth, Mountville, Palmwoods, Maleny, Beerwah and more.

There are many things to do in the hinterlands of the coast, so we created this list of great places to help you get started.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland National Parks

Kondalilla National Park

Located 103km north of Brisbane, Kondalilla National Park is the home of tropical rainforests, waterfalls and 103 species of birds, 70 species of reptiles and 32 species of frogs.

Kondilla means “rushing waters” and it was given this name due to the Kondailla Falls that cascade all year round.

Conondale National Park

Conondale National Park boasts a wide variety of wildlife, amazing forests, crystal creeks, waterfalls and spectacular views. The Conondale Range Great Walk is the perfect way of exploring the park. You can either complete the 65km circuit or take shorter walks. Horse riding is also possible!

Driving around the park requires a 4WD, including the camping areas (at Boolumba creek), although it is not necessary to get a permit.

Moololah River National Park

This area is one of the most protected in the region due to its important role in conserving local plants and animals. The lowland coastal rainforest it´s worth visiting due to its tranquillity and beauty. If biking is your thing, don´t hesitate to cycle along the edge of the park through the bikeway.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Waterfalls

Wappa Falls

Wappa falls creates a natural swimming pool surrounded by rocks and bush that makes it the perfect scenery for a fun day. Also, find great green areas for picnics and a very close car park. Be careful with the slippery rocks and sometimes swimming can be dangerous if the water is fast flowing after heavy rain.

Only 5 minutes driving down the road, Wappa Falls Observatory offers nighttime telescope shows and activities.

The Wappa Falls are located 30 minutes drive from Noosa and 6 minutes from Yandina.

Kondalilla Falls

Near Montville, Kondalilla Falls is everything you need for a great outdoor activity. Is part of Kondalilla National Park so next to this freshwater pool you can even take a walk through the eucalyptus rainforest.

On your way home, grab a bite in Montville at one of the many restaurants and cafes.

Buderim Serenity Falls

A hidden oasis can be funded in Buderim Forest, just one kilometre from the Buderim Village, where you can lay on your back and listen just to the birds’ air while you take all the fresh air in.

These falls used to be a very important recreational spot for the indigenous people of the region and is said that it is the sister of two other falls: the School Falls and a waterfall near Price Lane.

Booloumba Falls

Unusual rock formations make this gem of the Conondale National really worth visiting.

Crystal clear pool

Walkthrough opens tall forests before jumping into the crystal clear pool where you can even use your goggles and discover some pretty amazing things.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland towns to visit


Hippie vibes, great coffee, local organic produce and vibrant markets make Eumundi one of the coolest towns in Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Every Wednesday and Saturday, from 7.30 am to 2 pm, talented locals show to visitors their art, jewellery, food, inventions, gifts and more! Since 1979 Eumundi markets keep attracting people due to the high-spirited people, sense of community and lifestyle.


Enjoy the beautiful road to Yandina, where every Saturday you will find fresh and organic products at a very good price, vintage and second-hand clothes, and more. Just remember to go early in the morning!

But not everything is about tasty fruits and veg in Yandina, the Wappa Falls are located only just 8 minutes drive from the town.


Mount Cooroora and Pomona Majestic Theatre are the two main attractions of this tiny but sparkling town.

The Pomona Majestic Theatre was built in 1921 and still occupy a very important part of the community culture projecting silent films, offering music shows and theme nights.

Many locals from Noosa and other surrounding areas enjoy waking up early and watching a majestic sunrise from the peak of Mount Cooroora. Located just 30 min drive from Noosa Heads, the mount is 439 metres high. Every July the “King of the mountain” festival takes place, where competitors race up and down the mount.


If you are planning to visit Conodale National Park, make a stop in the charming rural town of Kenilworth and take home one of the best cheeses in the region. Many visitors claim that walking around Kenilworth feels like being in the year 1920 and the atmosphere of the place is really enchanting.


A must stop before visiting Mapleton Falls is Mapleton Town. After drinking a classic latte at one of the old school cafes along the hilltop, head to Mapleton National Park, one of the jewels of the Sunshine Coast Blackall Range.


Montville boasts great attractions for those willing to have a great dinner and explore the natural wonders of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Apart from the well known Kondalilla National Park and its magnificent 90-metre waterfall, Montville is also a magnet to visitors due to the Flame Hill Vinyard. Award-winning wines can be found in the 300-acre vineyard.

Montville counts also with a great artistic offer exposed at Illume Creations or Montville Art Gallery and high-quality restaurants like The Logn Apron.