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Are you planning a trip to Queensland and looking for the best Sunshine Coast tours? We’ve got you sorted. As leading tour experts in the area, we are strong advocates of the beautiful region that makes up the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast is located in southern Queensland. The region stretches from Caloundra to the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park. The Sunshine Coast offers everything from coastal resorts, surf culture and vast hinterlands. As the name suggests, the Sunshine Coast is well known for consistently warm weather. Offering a variety of activities for explorers, thrill-seekers, nature lovers, coastal adventurers, couples and those on a budget, the Sunshine Coast is an excellent choice for Australian holidaymakers.

From romantic getaways with your significant other to adventure-packed holidays with a group, the Sunshine Coast has something for every type of getaway. Between budget-friendly activities, luxurious escapes or coastal adventures, the Sunshine Coast is the destination for you. All you have to do is book your flight and investigate the best Sunshine Coast tours for your next adventure.

We’ve got access to the best Sunshine Coast day trips, Sunshine Coast winery tours, Noosa tours, including Everglades tours, Brisbane tours and Brisbane brewery tours. Not to mention our fantastic selection of Gold Coast tours that range from Gold Coast winery tours to helicopter tours from the Gold Coast. Whatever you’re looking for from your holiday on the Sunny Coast, we’ve got you sorted.

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The Sunshine Coast is a region of Queensland encompassing rural hinterland, iconic surf spots and that quintessential Australian year-long relaxed summer feeling. Between the crystal-clear water, the sandy shorelines dotted with cafes and rugged natural terrain surrounding the area, the Sunshine Coast is as captivating as it is peaceful.

As you can imagine, the beauty and versatility of the Sunshine Coast is something that draws in all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for an adventurous, thrill-seeking holiday, or you’re after a romantic getaway, there’s a fantastic Sunshine Coast tour to enhance your stay in the area.

Sunshine Coast Tours for Every Type of Traveller

The Sunshine Coast caters to every type of traveller: Find your ideal weekend four-wheel driving, camping, mountain biking and sky diving on the sandy shores along the coastline. Conversely, embark on a relaxing, luxurious sun-lapping escape, relying on the best sunshine coast tours to make sure you get the most out of the area.

Sunshine Coast for the Adventurers

Whether you’re a four-wheel driving enthusiast or love to disconnect whilst camping, there are many Sunshine Coast tours for adventurers. Start with a 4WD adventure - getting off-road has never been easier than it is at the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast is surrounded by great 4WD tracks, including trails in Bribie Island, Great Sandy National Park, Fraser Island and the Kalpowar State Forest. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced driver, a 4WD adventure will allow you to explore the hinterland or coast and can get you access to the best fishing and camping spots on the Sunshine Coast.

Perhaps you’re ready to switch off with a camping Sunshine Coast tour? Beautiful national parks surround the Sunshine Coast and budget-friendly camping destinations the whole group can enjoy. If 4WD adventures aren’t enough to get the blood pumping, why not try mountain biking Sunshine Coast adventure. Mountain biking can get you to even trickier destinations that a car simply won’t. Navigate challenging terrain through mangrove forests with the best Sunshine Coast experiences out there!

Maybe you’re looking to get the pulse racing? Sunshine Coast tours are available for adrenaline seekers too! Rock climbing is a popular activity across the Sunshine Coast and throughout the National Parks.

For the ultimate thrill-seeking experience, sky diving tours operate from the Sunshine Coast daily. Not only will it satisfy that adrenaline craving, but you’ll be able to see the Sunshine Coast from above as well! A bird’s eye view of the Sunshine Coast gives you exclusive access to appreciate the diverse landscape’s true beauty, including multicoloured dunes, lush forests, and clear lakes.

Sunshine Coast Tours for Nature Lovers

One of the best parts about travelling to the Sunshine Coast is the saturation in nature. Wherever you look on the Sunshine Coast, you’re constantly enamoured by natural beauty – between the stunning coastline, the breathtaking national forests, secret beaches and surrounding hinterlands, the Sunshine Coast offers the perfect place to re-connect with nature.

Wildlife and wilderness tours are a popular selection for numerous Sunshine Coast visitors as they provide access to some of the most exclusive places on Queensland’s east coast. Enjoy your creature comforts while receiving expert information on flora and fauna native to the Sunshine Coast.

Water lovers will enjoy the plethora of coastal experiences and water-based activities that can be found in some of the best Sunshine Coast tours. Want to finally learn how to surf?

The best way to learn to surf or enhance your surfing skills is to take a surfing lesson. Whether you’re seeking a one-on-one session or want to participate in a group lesson, Sunshine Coast surfing tours will have something for you.

The marine adventures don’t stop at surfing. Completely immerse yourself in marine life with a snorkel or dive adventure. Surrounded by local reefs and warm waters, the Sunshine Coast is an excellent destination for snorkel or diving enthusiasts.

Sunshine Coast Weekend Escapes

If you’re trying to spark some romance on your getaway. Let us impart our wisdom upon you: The Sunshine Coast offers some of the best tours for couples, immersing your escape in fun, memorable experiences.

Consider yourself a wine connoisseur? You’ll be pleased to know that the best Sunshine Coast adventure for couples is wine tasting tours. What better way to spend an afternoon or evening than exploring one of the fastest-growing wine regions in Queensland?

If the wine isn’t enough, treat yourself to some of the best dining experiences Queensland has to offer. Upmarket Noosa Heads is a popular destination for boutique shops and fine dining experiences. Your trip doesn’t need to be consumed with Sunshine Coast adventure on the coast or through national parks. Sometimes the best evenings are when you kick back, relax and let the restaurant take care of the rest.

Alternatively, enhance the romance with your loved one and create lasting memories on a river cruise. Enjoy a relaxing cruise and visit historical sites with one of the most popular Sunshine Coast tours.

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