Ocean View Winery - (Group of 3)


Tour Availability

Enjoy uninterrupted views as we land on the beautiful lawns of the award winning Ocean View Estates Winery for lunch.

Tour Overview

Enjoy a dazzling day of food, wine and flight by experiencing a scenic helicopter ride that will take you to the beautiful Ocean View Estate and Winery where you will enjoy an array of wines to sample followed by some amazing local produce.

This helicopter experience will whisk you away from Caloundra with breathtaking beach views before heading South West to the Moreton Bay hinterland, and this beautiful estate to enjoy a marvellous day among the vineyards. Upon arrival, you will enjoy a selection of wine or beer tasting with local cheeses followed by your choice of main and a complimentary bottle of wine in the 4.5 star restaurant. During this 3-hour trip, you will have 2 hours to relax and enjoy your meal and surroundings, all while your pilot remains until you are ready to depart.

This truly is the ultimate fly ‘n’ dine experience, perfect for celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just looking to do something special with family or friends. 

Whats Included: 

Return flights to Ocean View Estate & Winery

2 course main & a complimentary glass of wine

Wait time on ground 2hrs 

Our Pricing structure: 

price is for all 3 people & includes everything listed above  

General Terms

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